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martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Respuesta del sheikh Bilal Phillips a mi pregunta sobre qué opina él sobre la homosexualidad?


Asalamo aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh hermanos y amigos, les copio el correo que le envié al señor Billal Phillips (disculpen mi mal inglés) y les copio la respuesta que él me ha dado. No le quito ni le pongo nada, se las dejo para que cada uno saque sus propias conclusiones. Por favor, el que desee, me puede enviar su opinión para que me haga saber si yo estoy equivocada en lo que he interpretado.
Que Allah los bendiga a todos mis estimados hermanos y amigos:

Rashida Jenny Torres 22 de abril a las 11:46

Asalamo aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I want to know for myself, no for the bad news from Germany about you. May Allah bless you.

Bilal Philips 23 de abril a las 6:24 Denunciar

wa alaykum salaam. The German news was great. 17 shahaadahs were given to 12 women and 5 men at the end of my public lecture. That is the great news. The ban is nothing new and cannot stop the da'wah or even slow it down, in shaa allaah. Please go to www.islamiconlineuniversity.com and join the structured courses there to learn authentic Islam from the scholars.

Rashida Jenny Torres 23 de abril a las 12:46

I appreciate and thank you for making dawah work and I confess that I have read some books of you such as: ¨ The True Message of Jesus Christ ¨. And I'm sure many other items, so you, I can only say good things about you. But I read the news of your lecture in Germany that supposedly you condemn homosexuals and promotes hatred against them and to condemn them to death.
I want to know, if not too much trouble, and as Muslim brothers we are and without intermediaries of any kind, if you could clarify its position and views.
What is your opinion of gay and if you think they deserve any conviction?
I do not want to bother you, but as has been my case, as some brothers have labeled me as a woman filled with ¨fitnah¨ only to talk and say things that others dare not do or say for fear and shame, I wanted to give you the opportunity to obtain your version of events.
If you like please go to my profile and find for yourself that I am a Muslim Costa Rica for nine years, alhamdulillah, I do not belong to any Islamic association of any kind (in the sense that I am not employed by any these organizations), I am a simple Muslim woman convert and self-taught.
I pray to Allah that if you're a good person, Allah help and protect you to continue your work successfully with dawah.
I liked what you said about the new Muslims after the conference you made in Germany, is a fact that Islam, NOTHING can stop it.
I hope not to bother you and that in the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate, you answer my question to myself to analyze your actions and to refute and defend you against anyone who may attack you.
May Allah bless you today and always.


Bilal Philips 25 de abril a las 1:41 Denunciar

This is what I wrote on Homophobia

Homosexuality and lesbianism have been dubbed ‘alternative life-styles’, ‘a personal preference’, ‘a natural variation’ etc. in the West today. Homosexuality was once considered an illness by the Association of Psychiatrists; it has now been removed from the list and replaced by homophobia (the dislike of homosexuals and homosexuality).
Consequently, Islaam and Muslims are considered intolerant and biased due to their continued opposition. Arguments in favor of tolerance to homosexuals are based on the assumption that homosexual behavior is biologically based and not merely learned from society.
1. Natural behaviour?
Early opposition to homosexuality was based on the argument that such behavior was unnatural: sodomy cannot produce children, which is one of the main, natural consequences of sexual relations. ‘Mother Nature’ did not make us that way, it was argued.
To counter such arguments, homosexual researchers scoured the earth until they found supposed homosexual behavior among the animal kingdom. They found that the males of some species of exotic fishes of the coast of Japan imitated the behavior of females of the species in order to prevent other males from impregnating their mates. Likewise, the males of some rare butterflies from islands off the coast of Africa, exhibited female behavior during mating season etc.
However, if the animal kingdom is to be used to justify human behavior, there also exists a spider in South America, whose female is much larger than the male. When mating is complete, the female eats her mate!
2. Scientific evidence?
During the 1980’s, it was claimed that a gland in the base of the brain that is small in women and large in men was found to also be small among homosexuals. However, this evidence, while seeming incontrovertible to the layman, was immediately refuted by scientists. The data was taken from cross-sections of the brains of dead adult humans whose sexual preference was identified prior to death. Consequently, the reduced size among homosexuals could have been a result of the practice and not its cause. That is, they could have been born with normal sized glands that then became small due to their deviant lifestyle.
Recently, genetics has become the most commonly used foundation for the pro-gay argument. In 1993, Dr. Dean Hamer, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute, claimed to have discovered,
“the first concrete evidence that ‘gay genes’ really do exist”.
Homosexual orientation was supposedly transmitted to males on the X chromosome from the mother. Hamer’s findings, published in the prestigious journal Science, transformed his colorless career as a government scientist into a dynamic media personality. He soon penned his memoirs.
He gave expert testimony to the Colorado Supreme Court that formed the basis of the victorious decision striking down anti-gay Proposition 2.
However, a replication of his study at the University of Western Ontario failed to find any linkage whatsoever between the X chromosome and sexual orientation. It was also found that Hamer’s study lacked a control group - a fundamental principle of scientific research.
Furthermore, in June 1994, the Chicago Tribune reported that a junior researcher in Hamer’s laboratory who assisted in the gene mapping in the homosexuality study, alleged that he selectively reported his data. She was then summarily dismissed from her post-doctoral fellowship in Hamer’s lab. But a National Institute of Health investigation substantiated her claims and gave her another position in a different lab.
Though Dr. Hamer was coy abut his own sexuality in his memoirs, he later admitted in his lectures that he was gay.
3. Homophobia in other religions.
It should be noted that Islaam, in its final form, did not introduce anti-gay legislature to the world. The texts of the Torah are replete with clear condemnation of such practices.
4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
The consequence of AIDS is enough to prove that homosexuality is evil and dangerous to society. The early spread of AIDS was concentrated among the homosexual community. It later spread to the heterosexual community through blood transfusions and intravenous drug usage and so-called bisexuals. It now continues on a rampage, mainly among promiscuous heterosexuals.
5. Homosexuality - a clear choice.
Islaam considers homosexuality to be the result of a conscious choice. It is inconceivable that Allaah made people homosexuals and then declared it a crime and prescribed punishments for it in both this life and the next. To accept such a proposition is to accept that Allaah is unjust.
Inclinations, however, can exist within humans for a variety of natural and unnatural acts, from fornication to rape, necrophilia to bestiality. These inclinations may come from jinn-suggestions, media influence, from human whisperings or direct contact.
However, human beings are not like robots who only do what they are programmed to do. Humans choose and Allaah holds them responsible for their choices. Where tendencies or inclinations are for things Allaah has decreed as being incorrect or harmful, the human being has to exhibit patience and perseverance and not respond to them.
Were homosexuality a product of genetic destiny, it would be unfair for Allaah to criminalize it and punish those who practice it. Currently, some scientists are even claiming that murder is of genetic origin. To accept that would mean to excuse murderers and tolerate murder.
6. Preventative measures to minimize homosexual tendencies.
Islaam has recommended a number of measures to minimize homosexual, and other unnatural sexual feelings, from occurring. Parents are instructed to separate their children in their beds by the age of ten in order to avoid sexual experiences that may result from childhood experimentation. Such experiences may be reinforced by contacts in schools and through abuse from adults.
Also, the distinctions between male and female are strongly made in Islaamic teachings. The Prophet () cursed men who imitated women and women who imitated men. The Western fashion industry is controlled by homosexuals who attempt to blur the distinction between males and females in order to make their behavior more acceptable. Consequently, men’s fashion has become more feminine in style and color and women are now wearing three-piece suits, ties, hats and traditional men’s shoes.
Note, however, that these distinctions may be relative and vary from society to society. For example, in Scotland men traditionally wear little knee-length dresses called ‘kilts’. In Scotland, it would not be considered imitation of females, but in a society where only women wear such dress it would be considered imitation.
7. Homophobia not equal to ‘gay-bashing’.
The strong, uncompromising stance against homosexuality, does not, however, imply Islaam promotes ‘gay-bashing’ or crowd vigilante activity against homosexuals.

Yo le respondí:

Rashida Jenny Torres 25 de abril a las 2:44

Asalamo aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh:
Dear brother Billal, I have been able to understand your point of view and really do not feel very different from other brothers. I think although it may be a bit strict, not reached the point of irrational fanaticism. On the contrary, you are justifying your arguments very clearly.
I greatly appreciate it has been so friendly and took the time to answer my questions.
I am a strong woman in many ways and I do not have a good reputation among my community by trying to assert my rights as a wife, mother and wife and be sure I know what it is to be considered a pariah among the Islamic community.
For That, and knowing how Muslims can be unfair to our own brothers, I wanted to have what you say and I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to receive your response.
I hope you do not mind if I post your response on a facebook note, as many days has been talking about it and I consider it very disrespectful to talk about a brother without giving the right to defend or explain his point of view.
Now I will proceed to publish it and I ask Allah to guide each one on the right track so they can draw their own conclusions.
Billal dear brother I hope you always have the strength to continue your work of dawah, may Allah bless you, always accompany and protect.
I hereby make a work of ant with respect to the dawah because I am a single woman and as I mentioned earlier, rejected by the majority of the ummah of Arab origin, especially for being Latino and poor.
However, and this does not affect me and I still only doing what I can to help those who ask me for guidance and information about Islam.
I wish you success in your life both personally and professionally.
My house and my family are yours, may Allah bless you now and forever.

Rashida Jenny Torres
Musulmana Costarricense

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Sr.Masis dijo...


Creo que este tema es un poco dificil para cualquier aspecto religioso hoy en día. Si estan en contra entonces eres homofobico y si estas a favor te acusan de fitnah. Me parece que en el Q'ran no se si estoy mal dice: "los creyentes con las creyentes, y los fornicadores con los fornicadoras". Esto para mi es si ellos quieren ser así déjelos y que vivan su vida. Sin persecución de ningún tipo. Algo que me llamo la atención fue el ultimo comentario que hiciste sobre los musulmanes árabes. En mi opinión espero que no lo tomes a mal, no lo has superado. Dejadlos que sean lo que quieran ser, al final y al cabo son humanos como todos. Como dice en la Biblia "Perdónalos Allah, porque no saben lo que hacen...". Se sabe a priori que un musulmán árabe no es mejor que un musulmán no árabe y viceversa. Ademas un musulmán solo es mejor a otro por las buenas acciones que hagas, y en todo esto Allah sabe más...